What is Pokency

A platform that lets you invest in everything – people, projects, ideas – you name it.

It’s just like the stock market, but for anything you can imagine.

While existing solutions allow you to invest in real estate, stocks and even fine art, we want to allow our users to invest in much more than that. Pokency will allow you to invest in individuals (yes, really!), projects, or virtually anything.

Our end goal is to have a platform on which users can create a token associated with either themselves, a project, or any other venture they’re starting, to allow people from all around the world to invest in it. Imagine discovering a small artist you think is really underrated, then going on Pokency to invest in him. Fast forward a few months, everyone is talking about him. He grows exponentially, while you benefit from it financially! That’s Pokency.

Why tokens

Tokenization Benefits

People having their own tokens allows for a lot more possibilities than what is currently available. Not only do tokens represent “shares” of the project of individual, they also act as a currency, allowing fans to support people/projects they like and gaining new ways to interact with them, while still having the opportunity to profit from it.

Using project tokens, fans will be able to do an almost unlimited amount of things, such as (but not limited to): receive exclusive content, participate in giveaways and raffles, invest in their favorite people and projects, buy and sell digital collectibles (more on that soon), subscribe to premium tiers to get additional content, participate in events, nominate the “Token Of The Month” and much, much, much more.

In the future, we also plan on moving to our own blockchain, to allow for lower transaction fees and create an even better experience! Worry not, every user will keep their tokens during the switch.

Developing the platform

Why we chose ICOs

Pokency is still young, and as with any young project, it needs funding. This is why we will do ICOs for some of our earlier tokens. ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings will allow us to raise funds to put into the liquidity pool, develop Pokency to its full potential.

While we could have gone to traditional methods such as getting funded from private investors or with loans, we decided to get funding from our users, so that they can be the ones profiting from Pokency rather than banks and big institutions. Our ICOs will always be priced at a 50-75% discount to our estimated value of the token and be in limited supply, so that those who really believe in us can get some tokens early on for a lower price! ICOs help us grow, while helping you make more profits, everybody wins.

Smart contracts

Enter a safer world

Being a lucrative sector, the investing world has always been a target for scammers. It is no news that some giveaways, for example, have been sketchy. There were also some instances where people promoted fake subscriptions and services associated with their projects, letting their fans lose money from it.

Luckily, smart contracts are here to eliminate all this stress in a seamless way! Most forms of giveaways can be easily adapted to use a smart contract to ensure complete fairness when choosing the winners. Moreover, subscriptions and services can also utilize this amazing tool to remove trust from the equation.

While still rare, scams do happen. Here at Pokency, we are committed into providing the best possible user experience by removing as much of the negative stuff as possible, even if it means finding complex solutions to things that are unlikely to happen regularly.


Best Features

Pokency is full of features designed for a better user experience. Here are a few:


We believe in privacy. Unlike most platforms, we won’t share or sell your data.

Highly Scalable

Cryptocurrency’s scalability allows us to ensure a big enough supply to scale without limits.


Smart contracts allows trust to not be a factor in what you do on Pokency. If a there’s a giveaway for example, smart contracts will take care of it!

Pokency Key Features

We give power

The Pokency team combines a passion for esports, content creation & cryptocurrency.

The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies gives more power to holders  and the token creators rather than limiting them and controlling everything.

Your data isn’t sold, everything you do stays on Pokency, as it should.

We let token creators and their fans interact using cryptocurrencies, allowing for new rewards and possibilities, that couldn’t be possible without Pokency.

We deeply value consent. That’s why we will never create token’s on someone’s behalf without their permission. We also won’t create fake profiles of public personalities on our platforms. We aim for the long term, so we won’t do anything that would potentially hurt our long term vision!


Road Map

Our team works hard to develop Pokency quickly without sacrificing quality. This timeline is only for reference and is subject to change.

Mars 2021
  • Concept Generation
April 2021
  • Creating and designing the website
May 2021
  • Researching for influencers to promote Pokency
June 2021
Private Funding
  • Creating the whitepaper
  • Launching the website
July 2021
  • Creator 100 ICO
  • Creator 100 official launch
  • Bscscan and CoinMarketCap listing
August 2021
  • Increasing team size
  • Redesigning the website
September 2021
Second Token
  • Creating our second token
  • Creating the whitepaper
October 2021
  • Advertising the second token
  • Launching the ICO
November 2021
Mobile app
  • Developing our mobile app
December 2021
Third Token
  • Launching our thrid token
January 2022
First event
  • Sponsoring an esport event
February 2022
Your Token
  • Allowing any creator to get their token
  • Crypto Casino Launch

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Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Pokency is a platform designed to combine all the current content creation features into one, easy to use platform.

Our goal is to help content creators grow, while increasing the entertainment value to their fans, by adding innovative ways to interact with them.

Pokency is a free service, nonetheless, some premium tier subscriptions might be available at a later date.

We are currently focusing towards growth rather than profits, eventually we will offer premium subcriptions.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a popular fundraising method used primarily by startups wishing to offer products and services, usually related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

During ICOs, we issue tokens at a relatively lower price than the official launch price. This allows users to get tokens at a big discount and allows us to get funding to develop Pokency.

Simply click on "Buy Tokens" and you will be redirect to a page containing all the steps.

In order to get the ICO price, we divide the launching price by 3, this means that you can buy the token during the ICO three times cheaper than when it launches.

Tokens will allow you to do multiple things. For example, you will be able to bet on your favorite creators using their tokens, you will also be able to buy "player packs" which contain collectible cards that you can trade with others, you will also have the ability to purchase premium subscriptions or even buy tickets to our upcoming events, just to name a few.

New tokens are listed as we get deals with content creators and esport teams, in the future, every content creator meeting some requirements will be able to issue their own coin.

Simply head over to our "Tokens" section to see all of our tokens. Then, click on the one you wish to buy and you will be redirected to the token's page, containing the whitepaper and a button to buy the tokens directly from Pancakeswap.

You can head over to our "Tokens" tab to see every token we have issued.


Get In Touch

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